img_20180818_082211_3261.) The use of any sale price or discount is an order . Trades for new pieces are orders . Reserving a slot is an order .

2.) A 50% deposit is required before I start your set ( or trade fodder needs to be in hand ) your deposit is what holds your slot. With out this deposit you do not have a confirmed order.

3.) All Payments/ Deposits are Not refundable .NO EXCEPTIONS !

4.) It may take me longer than anticipated but I will get your piece done.

5.) Domestic shipping & handling is 12.00 priority mail insured with DC or 8.00 first class insured with DC either way this quote covers up to 200.00 in insurance actual charge for insurance beyond that price will be up to the customer. For International please email me for a quote.

6.) GIFT CERTIFICATES / COUPONS . I occasionally donate gift certificates to shows . if you have one of these and it is not expired you may order at any time even if my books are closed . You may send your gift certificate as your down payment as long as it covers at least 50% of you total order .

7.) Time payments . Time payments are accepted . All time payments are not refundable . Time payments are to be made on or before the date they are due any payment made after that date will incur a 5.00 late penalty . I will notify you only once about a missed payment after notification of a missed payment you have 48 hours ( 72 if it is a Friday or holiday ) to make the payment or arrange a payment ( only under special circumstances) . After the designated time has passed with no contact or payment your item shall be re listed for sale and all monies paid will be forfeit .

I am no longer offering specific start dates. I am not a full time artist { I ‘m a full time mom part time artist :O) } so while some days I have 5 hours to work on my orders other days I have no time at all to work on orders . If you are looking for a lighting fast turn around time its not me ! Because of this I am further limiting the number of orders I take a year now . You can always check for current sales on MH$P or the Etsy Store .

Examples of my tack, customizing and paint work can be seen through out this site

I will create Stablemate to Traditional scale items and all sizes in between.
Trades ~ see my trade list. I prefer part trades to full trades but may do full trades depending on how bad I want the item . At this time I am only taking limited part trades on larger tack orders . All trades must be set up at the time of ordering no trades will be accepted after terms have been worked out ..in other words you must offer and work out your trade when placing your order.
By Placing an order with me or making a purchase you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms .
Stablemate is anything as big as the Breyer SM G3 pony and larger and no bigger than Morgen Kilbourns Dinky Duke , Pebbles is Any thing larger than Dinky Duke up to the size of any stone pebbles model . If you are unsure of your models size contact me and I will help you figure it out.

When requesting a price or ordering please be as specific as possible . Prices do not include shipping . Prices given are just a get started price they will vary based on what you want on your set that is why an accurate description of what you want is needed up front I welcome pictures of real tack.

Want list for trades when they are accepted ( I am not always able or willing to take trades this reference is for the times that I can / will. )

I prefer these Unpainted if at all possible

Rose Reiner
Lonestar ( traditional)
Matriarch ( hollow cast)
Working Girl
Bram’ll Blue Boy
Indigo Beau
Mini Ravenhill
Covenant Renewed
Dego baz,
***** FN Cool ****
WBP kenworth
WBP La Reina

See MH$P for more wanted horses

Let me know what you have I might be Interested

FCM Stone Galloping Stock Horse ( Pegged Hoof MUST Be Performance Friendly ! )

Santa Fe Morgan


sm scale 2 wheeled show cart Stock breed

pebbles scale carts need quite a few different ones

Resin cows all shapes and sizes
Chips Drafters Prefer Glossy . Will consider any and all BUT ESP HELSINKI !!!
Chips warmbloods,Ponys, cutters, and mules
D’Arry Joan Frank Resins

Buckskin Appy Calamity

I will Consider any resin BY D’Arry even if I already own a copy.. Especially Calamity .

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