A New Place

The web site move

Due to the extremely not user friendly set up and outrageous cost . I have left Ipage for WordPress. I have not yet decided if I will just blog from here for the limited amount of blogging I do or if I will continue with blogger.

img_20180816_073644842There have been many changes around the farm these last few weeks and many more coming . Due to a lack of time I went ahead and sold one of the mules . Josie went to her new home last weekend and is already thriving there. She was very unhappy here and would pace in her corral . Since Josie left Mattie has blossomed and is really picking up and learning fast.

img_20180903_145156505_hdrWe have also added another horse to the farm Dizzy is an APHA mare . She needed a place where she could be around other horses again and we provided that for her. She will have been here a week this coming Monday and is settling in nicely .

Roy is currently running dads tractor trying to clear a new place to keep the horses . A few months back a former co-worker of his moved and gave us a deal on enough stock panels for a nice arena I actually think that I have two extras after I set it up because there is a slight lack of space. It will be put up where the horses are now.

Enough about the goings on farm wise. I am currently working on a custom nameplate halter for an Etsy customer and a handful of stablemate western sets there are 4 but only two will be available. I am hoping to have the halter and at least one of the stablemate sets done by weeks end.


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